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Bas van Kempen
Horticulture Manager

Bas has over a decade of horticulture experience, including running his own market garden.

Moving to Largo from Forres, Bas joined the team in March 2024.

Erin Casement
Horticulture Assistant

Erin has been in the team since the first season and she has previous experience in both flower and vegetable growing in various market gardens as well as personal projects. Although she loves many aspects of horticulture she has a particular passion for growing cut flowers and floristry.

Amanda Nutkins

Amanda has a background in countryside and environmental management and also hospitality and tourism. Passionate about trees and the outdoors and has lots of experience in working in remote areas in Scotland. Based at Monzie, Amanda has been on the Monzie/Largo team since 2018 and is involved with lots of the background work for Largo Estate.

David Crichton

David’s great grandfather Charles Julian Maitland Makgill Crichton inherited the estate in 1901. He was killed during the Battle of Loos in 1918 and the estate subsequently was passed down to David’s grandfather Douglas and later his father Charles. Charles divided his time between Largo and Monzie, building an ambitious farming enterprise. David remembers fondly helping pick strawberries and later herbs for restaurants. Unfortunately Charles died suddenly in the 90s forcing the family to sell much of the farmland and David made a career in London to help subsidise the family’s enterprises in Scotland. He recently returned to Scotland with his young family to begin the journey of making both estates sustainable and restoring them to former glory.

Kenneth Wallace
Joinery Manager

A skilled joiner, Kenneth will assist in the management of restoration and building work at Largo.

Alexandra Crichton

Alexandra Crichton, a marketing professional, has joined David in Scotland with the same ambitions to make Monzie and Largo sustainable. The couple have already secured the future of Monzie, running a successful holiday business. Alexandra is passionate about good food, sustainability and the couple are keen to create something that will benefit the community. Their next ambition is to become a certified B Corporation.

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